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Comments from students who 
completed our Risk Education Class:
Thank you for the compassionate understanding treatment you provided. The class was informative. Dr. Kelley is brilliant in her knowledge base as well as a gifted storyteller. She helped me to feel like I’m not the biggest loser. I will get through this, and she gave me the tools to understand how. Thank you for making such a humiliating experience so much less uncomfortable.”

“I’m excited to have grasped this knowledge and know I will be using it in the future to not only prevent my second DUI, but also to protect others around me. I wish I would have had all this information prior to receiving my first DUI.”

“I appreciate the respect and understanding from all at Ariza ever since the first phone call I placed to your office. Thank you Dr. Kelley.

“I thought it was going to be people telling me what a bad person I was. I was very pleased by how kind they were and appeared to treat me as an equal.”

“Lectures were fun and informative. It’s a great class if you pay attention. Thank you for everything.”

“Thank you. As much as I’d like not to come back, it was nice to know I am now an informed/safer drinker.”

“Program was great, really learned a lot more than I expected. I enjoyed the education and the experience, though I must say I hope it’s not something I have to do again, no offense. It felt very welcoming and kind which made it more sincere. We were not treated like criminals. A+++ job. Thank you!”

“I got some rally good knowledge and skills to use in future drinking situations.”

“Everyone was very nice, made it even fun! Thank you.”

“Very informative. Dr. Kelley is a very good instructor. Keeps subject matter very interesting (not boring).”

“I learned a lot of facts I never thought of or what I am doing to my body. I think if I would have known this ahead of time, I maybe wouldn’t have gotten in trouble.”

“I think the staff here is extremely helpful and understanding. I’m glad I took my classes here because the classes were engaging and informative. I loved that Dr. Kelley had so many stories to illustrate the material. It really made the experience pleasant.”

“They all are great people and very friendly. I’ve never felt uncomfortable here. I would recommend them to anyone that I may know going through the same situation I went through. Everything was great. I love the way they are!!! You are great…”

“I think it would be beneficial for people who have just turned 21 to be able to take a preventative DUI class. If I knew everything I learned in this class when I turned 21, I would probably never have gotten a DUI. I would/will recommend Ariza to my friends/peers if they need to complete DUI education.”

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